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Owl and Hare Hollow is my happy place in the countryside. I imagine winding country lanes, tea and scones in the garden, a natter with friends, gentle, quiet time, watching the flowers sway in the breeze, the bees dancing above, and a house on a hill watching over it all. A lovely place to escape to perhaps, when I’m busy and rushing around in reality!

The stitchery and applique designs in this quilt, portray the idyllic picture of my happy place, using warm and pretty fabrics from my latest fabric collections, and beautiful Cosmo embroidery threads.

I love to do handwork, especially stitchery, applique and EPP, so of course, these are all visited in my Owl & Hare Hollow quilt, as well as simple piecing, all in a gentle, irregular, happy, scrappy looking, circular format.

DV3440 - 147cm / 57" Wide       DV3443 - Linen stitchery has a  18" / 46cm fabric repeat

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Templates are available from the following sources:

Imprezzio Notions                                          Eppiflex                          Hugs ‘n Kisses
Traditional pre-cut papers                              Plastic papers                 Leave-in papers
Acrylic template set with 1/4” seam

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