Celebrating the enduring legacy of Liberty’s craftsmanship and artistry, Denim Florals presents a captivatingarray of floral prints inspired by the design house’s rich heritage and indigo dye connections.

The Denim Florals series resonates with the remarkable collaboration of Liberty’s visionary founder, Arthur Liberty, and British textile manufacturer, Thomas Wardle. Renowned for his innovative approach to natural silk dyeing and printing techniques, Wardle played a pivotal role in the vibrant history of the iconic Liberty store. The eclectic emporium quickly gained recognition for the opulent ‘Liberty Art Colours’ collection, a series of hand-woven silks imported from India, dyed by Wardle in Britain, and showcased during the early years of the store’s establishment.

Indigo hues, traditionally extracted from woad and the Indigofera genus of plants, unite six prints in a harmonious colourway collection. Denim Florals pairs deep denim and indigo tones with complementary pops of warm ochre, dusty pinks, and soft creams.