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By Cass on Thursday, 18 July 2013
Here at the Zoo we love to share all the exciting goings onthat we get up to, but there is no news more exciting to us than to proudly announce that we have brought yet another great supplier into our fold! The newest member of our Two Green Zebras herd to be introduced is none other than P & B Textiles, while this supplier may not be exclusive to 2GZ we are still thrilled to be able to offer their beautiful fabrics to you all. P & B Textiles is a name that has been around in quilting and fabric circles for a long time, from its inception in the 1960's they have been dedicated to supplying quality textile products and began to specialise inquilting fabrics in the  1980's. One range that is synonymous with this brand is the fabulous basics range "Bear Essentials", a trusted go to basic for many a quilter either as a way to compliment or more decorativefabric or supplement your stash pile. This particular range as been so successful we hear at the zoo are proud to be able to offer you the...
By Cass on Monday, 8 July 2013
Lately we have been showing you all the wonderful newdelights brought to you by The Red Thread (for those of you who haven't been keeping up we have introduced the innovative and adorable Craft Keepers, Colour Keepers and my new favourite fabric range Hello Tokyo, a wonderful collaboration with Robert Kaufman Fabrics.) So I thought it was time to bring some tried and trueclassics back into the spotlight OOSHKAS!

These were one of the first red thread products and they have sold like hot cakes since they were launched into the market, since their inception it has grown from the original "Ooshka" pattern kit to arange that now includes Ooshka Boy and Super Ooshka. Each kit contains the sewing pattern, instructions and a Linen / Cotton blend printed face panel. The Ooshka face panels are also available for purchase separately, there are four standard Ooshka girl faces, one Ooshka boy face and one Super Ooshka girl. These pattern kits do not include fabrics (or wadding) but this guarantees youa one of a kind...
By Cass on Sunday, 30 June 2013

Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread has been a busy, busy bee of late. As well as designing her debut fabric range with Robert Kaufman she has also been expanding her crafting stock lines as well. In the same vein as those adorable Craft Keepers that we brought to you last year we now have the pleasure of introducing her new Colour Keepers! Colour Keepers are a cute way to keep your threads, tapestry wools or ribbons tidy and transportable! Madefrom laser cut wood these adorable organisers are on average 10 x 8cm large.

Codes from top left to bottom right- Birdie M221, Bird and Flower M224, Tea Cup M223, Butterfly M220, Pear M225 and Babushka M222.

By Cass on Saturday, 22 June 2013
Most of our childhoods have scattered memories of trips to the beach, collecting shells and gazing into rock pools. The latest release from Tilda, "Tilda's Seaside Ideas" recreates those memories of the seaside with simple sewing, papercraft, crochet and knitting projects using beautiful fabrics, yarn and embellishments. Be inspired by life at the beach,and in the ocean to make gifts, toys and pretty accessories for your home. From adorable whales and fishing girl dolls to hanging mobiles, appliqué blankets and summer scarves. (Book product code B03788)

And as we have all come to expect from Tilda there is also avery special seaside girl, this doll kit comes with almost everything you need to create this beautiful character. The doll when finished is an impressive 51cm tall and comes with a cute wooden boat accessory, a great way to improve or perfect your sewing skills, or a rainy weekend project. The kit contains fabric, buttons, embroidery yarn, hair, sailboat, needle, thread and instructions. Stuffing not included, product code 480530.

By Cass on Saturday, 15 June 2013
There are just some things that as soon as you see them take you back to another time and place. I'm sure that a lot of us have some childhood memory involving the much beloved Holly Hobbie character, wether is was one of the beautifully illustrated books, or if you were one of the lucky onesa doll or toy. As soon as I saw this range from SPX all I could think about was my sisters much loved Holly Hobbie doll, and how she took it everywhere with her until she was quite thread bear and beyond repair (and like all big sisters she refused to share). Now SPX has given this iconic character and another generation a chance to make those special childhood memories. The range consists of 9 beautiful fabrics including a stunning panel measuring 44 x 24inches (112 x 61cm). All 100% cotton and are 112cm wide.


And if you need a little eye candy to get you inspired here is a quilt design idea put together by the folks at SPX fabrics.

By Cass on Saturday, 8 June 2013
Now a few weeks ago we launched my new favourite range"Hello Tokyo" designed by The Red Thread and produced by Robert Kaufman fabrics. Now if you haven't already realise the fun does not stop with the fabric range! The oh so adorable kokeshi dolls and other motifs from the range have been translated into an absolutely stunning range of motifs (in two different scales), shank buttons, ribbons and co-ordinating button jar. But I think this may be one of those moment where a picture is indeed better than a thousand words (image from the

So here is a little break down of what is available.

Ribbons. The range is made up of three stitched and two printed polyester grosgrain ribbons, each ribbon card contains 3m of ribbon. The stitched ribbons are 3/8 inch wide and the scallop print ribbons are 3/4 inch. Buttons. These beautiful printed shank...
By Cass on Sunday, 2 June 2013
There are a few fabric designers that when I discover they have something new coming out I am already bouncing in my seat before the fabric samples are in sight. For me Kelle Boyd of Ann Kelle designs is once such designer, such cute and quirky designs in such edible colour palettes,what's not to love? And now that I have two munchkins of my own I actually have a legitimate reason to be purchasing them (not that you need logical, rational or justifiable need to purchase fabric... ever).

One of the most successful and inexhaustive ranges from Ann Kelle is the much loved Urban Zoologie, this range continues with the latest offering including some very, very cute safari inspired designs. As well as the traditional high quality quilters cottons selected designs from this range are also available in cotton flannel and slicker fabrics.

And should you need...
By Cass on Saturday, 25 May 2013
It may have been a long time between posts but this news was worth the wait! Lisa Tilse of the red thread, in collaboration with the fabulous creative minds at the zoo and Robert Kaufman Fabrics has created an absolutely superb fabric collection called Hello Tokyo. The range features Lisa's quirkydesign style with an oriental twist, cute Kokeshi dolls in bright punchy colours and fabulous modern takes on traditional Japanese motifs, need I say more. But the good news doesn't stop there, this adorable range comes complete with a stunning array of accompaniments in the form of buttons, motifs and ribbons!

The fabric collection is made up of 14 stunning printsfeaturing some beautiful prints, versatile co-ordinates, a striking tile pattern as well an adorable appliqué panel featuring Kokeshi dolls ( Kokeshi heights approximately 11.5inches high). As always from Robert Kaufman thefabric is 100% cotton and 112cm wide, and of the best quality.

By Cass on Tuesday, 20 November 2012

One of the best parts of my job is seeing all the absolutely beautiful things our customers create. In the words of Keats himself "A thingof beauty is a joy forever", and this is no exception. Feast your eyes on this beautiful little dress created by Flossy Bloss (who is in cahoots with TheFabric Pixie), we were very excited to acquire one of these beautiful dressesfor display at the upcoming Melbourne AQM.

This dress uses the Tilda fabric "Rosalie" in the pink colourway and embellished with just a hint of lace. You can view other Flossy Bloss products on our 2GZ Pinterest page or visit the Flossy Bloss"made by" shop (


Until next time


By Cass on Friday, 21 September 2012
On a recent trip into the office (the joys of working remotely is that going to the office is still fun, and not part of the everyday drudgery) I happened to spy a 3 of the cutest little Robert Kaufman roll ups onthe show room display. Now being a person of the PIB persuasion (persons inblack) you think my taste in fabrics would run along similar lines, well if youthough that you are dead wrong, my house colour pallet is something of a 70's throw back and was affectionately nicknamed by a friend the liquorish allsorts house. But I digress.... The beautiful fabrics to have captured my undivided attention were from Laurie Wisbrun's Perfectly Perched range (yes I still have a hugedesigner crush on Laurie). After a few strategically placed hints about howwonderful it would be to have a project on the blog the Meerkat kindly sent me on my way with my choice of fabrics MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA (I restrained myself to only two... the third would have just been greedy!).